the missionary.

Well, if you couldn't tell already from the plethora of blog posts, I have a missionary. Let me introduce you to him!

Name: Niall James Stoddard 
Birthday: September 21, 1992
From: Born in California, raised in Portland, Oregon.
Family: 2 fantastic parents, an older sister who is super cool and is married, a younger sister whom I thought was an alien for a while, and a younger brother whom I can tease like my own. 
Body type: SKINNY. That boy has no meat on him. He weighs maybe 10 pounds more than I do. He has long legs and arms and is 6 feet even. 
Hair color: Dark brown. And it's very soft. I love it.
Eye color: Hazel.
Job: Cinemark movie theaters.
Favorite school subject: Math.
Favorite movie: He has many: Star Wars, Serenity, Lord of the Rings and more.
Talents: He plays the violin like me! He is also super intelligent and loves math and wants to become an aeronautical engineer (crazy, I know). He knows everything you need to know about cars and is very opinionated about them. Also, he is a pop culture maniac.

We've been together for, oh, about 2 and a half years (even though we never claimed we were a couple... we kinda were. No one really knew and we didn't make it known). We've liked each other for 3. It's safe to say he's my best friend.

Niall left on his mission November 2, 2011. He currently serving in Arnhem, the Netherlands, which is his second area. He is doing well despite difficulties but I am still so proud of him! He is such an example of faith, diligence, and willingness to serve. I admire him more than anything.