I'm a graduate.

I honestly thought this day would never come. I've always dreamed of graduating high school and being done with public education. It was a dream that finally became a reality last night as my name was read, I walked out on the floor, shook hands, and received my *diploma.

Changing the tassels was when it hit me. We all stood. We changed them. We were then graduates.

Looking back, I remember looking up to the seniors and thinking they were so old. I never thought I'd be in their position and still can't believe that I am.

I've graduated high school. But more importantly, I've graduated from American Fork High School, home of the Cavemen. I will be forever proud to be a Caveman. I couldn't have graduated from a better school.

So many memories were made there. I cried there. I laughed there. I stressed there. I sweated there. I played my violin there. I made friends there.

These past three years have screeched by and I know it won't slow down any time soon. I am excited to see what the future holds for me. And I'm glad that my foundation is AFHS.


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