I'm terrible.

I know, I know. I haven't blogged in over a week. BUT, I do have a good reason!

My favorite cousins in the entire world are in town! Minus one, who is off adventuring in the high mountain terrain of Colorado bringing people to our faith. At least the other one, who recently returned from his two-year excursion to the exotic country of Guatemala is here. He's my new buddy now.

Needless to say, we've been pretty busy. Especially late at night, which is when I find time to blog. We play games too much, that's all.

They arrived Friday while I was at work, and surprised me when I walked in the door.
Saturday consisted of Park City, the Alpine Slide, and some wicked sweet deals at Banana Republic. And we played badminton! We had a total of about 8 birdies. Needless to say, 3 ended up on the roof and 4 others were blown to pieces. Haha. And we also demolished two rackets so we sent my aunt to the store to buy more!
Sunday, we attended church. And played games. Of course :)
Monday, we played games. And saw the movie 17 Miracles. Definitely a good one to see. We also barbecued, played some serious badminton, and watched the aerial fireworks from our driveway.
Tuesday, we went to the temple in the morning and did upwards of 80 names total between the 6 of us. And that night we had a wicked rainstorm with crazy lightning and thunder! It was awesome.
Wednesday, the adults went to the temple again while I taught in the morning. We played games. In the afternoon, we went to Bridal Veil Falls and then to the Creamery for some awesome ice cream :) And then we played badminton outside again and then games after it got dark.
We convinced them to stay another day because they really didn't have to be home too early. So today, I taught 3 lessons and afterwards we went to the AF Steel Days art show where my sister took 3rd place and got an honorable mention. Great job, Bianca! Unfortunately, I did not take this day off so I had to go to work for 5 hours. Afterwards, we went to Olive Garden where we waited for like an hour and then another hour inside the restaurant. We didn't play too many games after we got back... too tired... yet I'm still up. I somehow can't get to bed!

Anyways, you probably didn't read through all that. But it's okay. Because it's for me and for the future because I really stink at journal keeping and it'd be nice to know what we did while they were here.
This was definitely the best time I've had with them. It's always fun, but this one was especially fun. Even if our missionary wasn't there, we lost Kaile to trek on Tuesday, and then my dad and sister to trek this morning. It's okay though. It was still worth it.

I love my family.

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