We had one last movie night. The 4 of us. We attempted to watch the Two Towers and started it around 10. Bad idea. We all fell asleep.

I drove him home.
We said our last goodnight.

Tomorrow night, I won't be able to say that.
Or the next night either.
Or for the next 730 nights.

I keep telling myself it's just a dream. That's all it feels like really. It's some horror dream and I'll just wake up.
It doesn't feel like he's leaving.
I mean, no contact at all? I don't know what he's up to?
It just doesn't seem possible.
I keep telling myself it's never going to happen.
I'm never going to lose my best friend.
Tomorrow will never come.
It seems impossible.
It can't happen.
He can't leave me.

Oh wake up already.

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  1. The sooner you let him leave peacefully the sooner he'll be back.

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