silly boy.

One of the last things he said to me was "Expect a letter on Tuesday!"
Oh boy, I thought. My very first letter!
Yesterday, I was antsy all day and for some reason pictured myself coming home to a letter on my kitchen table, on my place, with my name on it.
That didn't happen. And I didn't expect it to.
But it was supposed to come today. He said so!
I came home from work all excited, though my mom said the mailman doesn't usually come until after noon, and it was just about noon at the time. I slammed my car door shut and practically ran to the mailbox when I got home, just in case. I opened it. There was mail in there! Yeah! I sorted through it, and found nothing to me.
So the whole getting the mail experience went something like this:

Hopefully it won't be like this tomorrow.

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  1. ohmygosh this reminded me of a post i did back in march hahaha check it out...


    that was so funny! but also, not funny that you didnt get mail :/ sorry girl, itll come!