a new blog

No, I am not ditching this one. I mean, come on, I just re-did it! I have a serious problem with constantly changing my blog... anyways.

I have been thinking about doing this many times before, but never got around to it. Yesterday I was at my best friend's family's house and his little sister mentioned that she was going to start a blog where she took a picture of her every day for a year! So I decided, since I'd been thinking about it for quite a while, that I'd do it myself. Hopefully she doesn't think I'm stealing her idea. Thanks Emma!

And here it is! Check it out! Posts will begin on Sunday!

p.s. it's really windy outside... and it's kinda really scaring me a lot. a lot a lot.


  1. ah! ive been wanting to do that too! should i?? oh, i dont know...