new tradition.

So, guys, I've started a new tradition! Or at least I've started doing something I think will be beneficial in the future. Maybe to me, and maybe to my future husband if he likes movies {and chick flicks for that matter}.

Every time I go to Target or Walmart I'm going to buy a $5 movie! All in hopes to build a super sweet video library :) So far I've purchased 17 Again, She's the Man, and Across the Universe.

I highly recommend that you do this! It's super cheap and you can have an awesome library of movies before you know it! And there are tons of movies out there. Walmart usually has a bigger selection, but Target has better movies. Also Walmart sells tons of newer movies for around $10 or $15 which isn't bad either! I seriously love this. Can't wait to go to Walmart again :)


  1. dude i do that all the time!!! i figured the same thing! i dont have shes the man yet and that is one of my most favorite movies...but i just got little rascals and 17 again! haha