First I apologize that this will be a long blog rant. Secondly, I am sorry for being MIA recently... Dang college is keeping me busy! Anyways.

Here goes the rant:
Here I lay, it's 11:30 pm, already past the ideal time I would like to go to bed. My roommates have friends over and they are chatting it up in the hallways and laughing and being quite loud. The walls are very thin and I'm trying to go to sleep so it's all sounding louder than it should be. And this really doesn't bother me; I can go to sleep in pretty much any circumstances. Here's the kicker: Just today I had my other best friend Ben over. We made quesadillas and ended up watching like 4 episodes of our favorite tv show. I knew my roommate was taking a nap and I informed her before that he would be coming over and she said she didn't care. We would occasionally laugh out loud at something funny in the show but we were more quiet than they are being now. My roommate comes out of her room about halfway in to our episode and doesn't say a word to me. Her face looks angry and she grabs her backpack and heads out the door. I was very taken aback considering I didn't think we were loud, and it was the middle of the day. The middle of the day. Not a big deal that I'm talking in the living room with a friend at that time. Later, I asked her about why she stormed out and she told me she was annoyed with me and Ben talking and watching a show in the living room.

Yet here she is, it's 11:30 pm (the time everyone should go to bed...) and she has 3 times as many friends over and is being much more loud. Really? You got mad at me today but are now doing the same thing? I'm not going to lie, that bugs me. Its not very considerate. But I'm not going to be mad at you over it because that's just dumb and dramatic.

Show some respect and don't get upset over something that I do when you do it too during the middle of the night.

Blog rant over. Sorry if it made no sense, I'm tired. Hopefully I can get some sleep.

Shout out to my pandora station and the fact that it's playing a Jon Schmidt song right now. I'm a sucker for him... Cliche, I know. Get over it. His songs are fun.

Another cool thing: my best friend missionary cutie pie boy is eating cow tongue tomorrow!! Or rather today for him. Can't wait to hear all about it! He's a brave soul. Go Elder Niall :)

Okay bye now.

Just kidding. It's an hour later, they're still talking in the kitchen and I'm still awake. I just got annoyed enough with them and told them to be quiet or go somewhere else. My goodness does anyone have any decency around here? It's 12:30am in the middle of the week. Let a girl sleep!

Okay, done for real now. Thanks for listening.

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