i'm a grown up

Today I felt like a grown up.
For the first time since I moved away, I made a legitimate dinner! Although it was far from being comparable to my mother's cooking, I was pretty proud of myself.
I made pasta with alfredo sauce! I also fried some squash with salt and pepper, had a kiwi, and made a salad.
Reasons it could have been better: I didn't realize that the noodles took so long to cook. So they were kind of hard. Also, put less oil in the pan when frying squash.

I also did laundry for my first time ever! Well, I do my laundry at home sometimes, but this time it was all me. I kind of liked it! But the washing machines confused me a little, but other than that, my clothes came out clean and warm and in tact!

All in all, today I accomplished a lot. I'm pretty proud of myself! Now onto another week. Happy Monday, all!

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