what a sweetheart.

I absolutely loved coming home to a letter today! Letters are what keep me going, as tacky as that sounds. But it's true. And the letters honestly get better and better! My love for him grows with each one.

As soon as I opened the mailbox and saw it, I smiled. But when I read the front, I giggled, jumped up and down, and ran back inside to read it. What a sweetheart! He can be so silly sometimes. But hey, I ain't complaining! (and just so you know, he writes spiritual stuff too. Not just mush :))
Also, he is so cute when he writes. The other two pictures are just a few things he said in this letter that I'd like to share. He's a keeper, guys. My best friend. One I love so dearly and am so proud of. He is absolutely wonderful!

Oh, and just so you know (and mainly because I forgot... I'm a slacker, I know) last Thursday was the 3 month mark!! Wahoo! I cannot believe I'm here already. But so glad to be. Here's to the next 21! He's so worth it. 100 days down is coming up next.


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  1. Awww :) This makes me so happy! I love what he wrote on the envelope too. Cute! You two are too perfect for each other not to marry each other :) Love you Ness!