yet another nighttime adventure

My first nighttime adventure up AF canyon consisted of a 10 hour hike in the dark with my best friends. This time was slightly different yet just as cool! As a ward, we went showshoeing under the moonlight! It was absolutely beautiful. Even though no camera could capture the beauty, just imagine this: snow laced on the ground, trees and bushes all around, silence, a clear sky, seeing all the stars, then being pleasantly surprised and excited when the moon comes up and lights everything up. Man, something everyone must do in their lifetime.

I'm glad I got to go, even though it was VERY last minute, because I met some new friends! I'd been having a hard time getting to know people in the ward, but I just clicked with a few girlies. They're really great. And live in the same building as me! Hopefully we become good friends.

Here are some pictures of the evening!

The group at the top of the ridge. It was a gorgeous view!
Bishop literally plopped right on top of us! It was funny.
L-R: Aubrey, Kelsi, Amber, and me
Then Soo decided to pop in!

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