So, I'm sitting at work right now and decided to post. I have a ridiculously awesome (not really) post coming later today so stay tuned.

Here's what's been going on:
I'm back at work! The day after school ends. I'm working for a guy in my ward who gave me the same job he gave me last summer. I'm a very lucky girl. :) I'm working a 9 hour shift today. Call me crazy, but I have nothing else to do!
I finished my freshman year at BYU. Glad to have that behind me.
I'm back at home! Not sure that's a good thing yet... we'll see. ;)
My dad got a ridiculously awesome camera. So expect amazing pictures to be on this blog coming soon, as soon as he gets home from his camping trip. My sister wants to be a photographer and I just so happen to be the easiest model to get ahold of. Pretty stoked about that.
The missionary has been out almost 6 months! I know I just said that, but I'm getting pretty excited. Any package ideas??

Okay bye now. Gotta answer the phone and take care of some clients!

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  1. almost HALF a year!! I think I can honestly say I can't believe it. I'm going to be dancing around my apartment and celebrating all day haha! Congrats on finishing your first year!