word vomit.

Sometimes, when you work 9 hour shifts every day for an entire week, you go a little insane. And by a little, I mean quite a bit more than a little.
Some people are rather stupid. Just thought I'd put that out there.
I'm really getting used to having a phone up to my ear all the time. My head is very close to being permanently craned to one side.
I may just lose my voice.
I've never been more excited to sleep in in my entire life.
Okay, maybe that's a lie, but I really can't wait to sleep in tomorrow. I'm really starting to realize how much people (the full-time working people) love their weekends.

Once upon a time nearly ALL my students did well at their lessons. And that quite possibly could have been this past week. Most of them have their recital pieces memorized which I really didn't expect to happen at all.
I've realized that playing outside with the neighbor kids is actually fun. Who knew that you didn't need people your age in order to have a good time?
I like being with people.
But a lot of the times I like being alone, too. Except right now.
I miss my boys.
If they were here, we'd be hanging out. Right now. And probably tomorrow and plenty next week.
But they're not here.
I've decided that it needs to be 2 years from this very day. That way they'd both be back with me.

One of those boys' mother's birthday (did I conjugate that right? oh well) is today.
She's one of those people that I love like my own and I really look up to her, probably more than she thinks. She's not only the most incredible cook, but she's a really neat person all around. And by neat, I mean really neat. I enjoy her company. And her family's company. And her son's company.
Missing that kid.
6 months coming up next Wednesday! Huzzah.

I drink a lot of soda. Or have recently. It doesn't help when it's so abundant at your office and while working 9 hour shifts with no break, you get a headache and get very tired. So caffeine is the best source for relief. I thought my favorite was plain Coke. But I think it's changing to Dr. Pepper.

I also learned today that I really have to be in the mood to shop. My sister and I went out to a couple stores today and I just couldn't bring myself to focus. So we went home.

Sunshine can be very deceiving in Utah. I walked outside this morning and cursed under my breath.

I don't like talking to people who are angry at me. Especially when I'm trying to help them. I get all shaky and nervous when I can't give people what they want, even if it's their fault I can't give them what they want. Don't think to hard about that one.
Lots of people can be nice. But there's those insane clients that just ruin your day.
Or make you stay past 6pm at work. After a being there since 9am. Did I mention I have 9 hour shifts? I didn't think you knew (not complaining at all, though... it's money! and I'm grateful, for sure).
Curse you, Mandy, for not going to your appointment and for making me stay on the phone with you for 27 minutes. We can't give you a refund on your money because you paid in full. Going out of town for the next 2 months? Not our problem. Next time, please try to be on time.
I hate people who purchase groupons. They make businesses' lives much more complicated than they need to be. "Just freaking take the soonest appointment I can give you, even if it is in June, and stop yelling at me because I can't get you in tomorrow at 5:30 or next Tuesday at 11:00. How many doctor's offices have you heard of that can get clients in for their first appointment the day they call in and at the EXACT time they want? Um, none. May I repeat, NONE. Now shut up and go away."

I think that's all for now.

But first, don't get me wrong after reading this post. I do love my life. It's a great one and I have so much to be thankful for. Sometimes I have so many thoughts in my mind that it just explodes into blog posts. My apologies. Maybe I should throw in a smiley face just so people think I'm actually okay.


Happy weekend, y'all.

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  1. Oh Nessa bo bessa. I love you. Hahaha your post is awesome, I thoroughly enjoyed it:)You are a voondehbah individual, who I happen to miss very much.