Life lessons and a bag of goldfish.

Dad, just because you replaced your tube in your tire last night doesn't mean that it is exempt from getting holes in it. Yes, please bring extra tubes or a patch kit next time we go on a bike ride. Thank you.

On other notes, today we went on a bike ride! The first one of the season. My dad, my little brother, and I went. The trail starts at the Deer Creek Dam and ends in Midway, but we only went a little over halfway. Needless to say, riding a total of 8 miles up and over hills and against the wind isn't my cup of tea. But I did in fact have fun. Despite the fact that my butt hurts like the dickens from my dad's rock hard bike seat. We traded bikes because my bike wouldn't shift low enough for me to make it up the hills, and his did, so he kindly gave me his bike. I'm not quite sure a sore bottom is worth it seeing as I walked up most of the hills anyways.

Oh, and while stranded and just hanging out along the trail, we threw rocks into the reservoir, discovered a whole deer carcass (yes, we did. and I kicked it for fun), and ate snacks. We sure left our mark on the trail because my dear sweet brother couldn't quite get the goldfish to go inside his mouth.

After waiting about 20 minutes, we were about to head back to the car when a nice couple drove by and helped my dad with his tire, giving him two patches, which didn't work, and eventually just giving him their extra tube. Yes, I suppose there are still good people out there in the world.

Anyways, I can easily say I had a fantastic time riding today! Even if my legs feel like jello and my butt probably is bruised (but I haven't checked... awkward).

Go for a bike ride sometime.

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