Thanks a lot.

Wow, didn't the senior class of 2011 mean anything to you? Were we not examples like everyone says we were? Did we do nothing good for you? Were we not the trend-setters by having cereal day Thursdays or Star Wars Fridays? Now all you can do is call us "crusty"? And say that we're probably scared to death to begin this new chapter of our lives? And call us grouches and that we rub off on everyone else making them grouchy? And then tell us to get over ourselves?

Gees, what did any senior ever do to you?

I apologize that the seniors who graduated this year are scared to move on to the next chapter. I apologize that we may come off grouchy because we are stressed and worried about what will come next.

But you don't need to judge us like that until you've been in our shoes.

It's not as easy as you think.

Disclaimer: I apologize for this post. I read someone's blog post and they complained about the seniors. It was nothing big, it just offended me slightly. That's all.


  1. Dear Vanessa.

    I finally found your blog! hopefully that's ok :)
    um...you guys meant everything to me! It makes me sad you are leaving. It will be different to be the oldest in the school...but I know I can still look up to you all, because you never stop being heroes.