The perfect day.

First of all, I've decided that I absolutely LOVE teaching violin. Much more than piano. I'm so glad I got two violin students for the summer!

Date 1 (the real one):
Consisted of being picked up in his sky blue 1990 Honda Civic. We drove to his house, piled two kayaks on to this tiny Civic and one canoe on his Suburban, and headed up the windy roads into the beautiful nature that surrounds us, aka AF canyon. We parked at the nearly overflowing Tibble Fork Reservoir, and exited the car and were welcomed by gusts of cold wind. We unloaded. We carried everything down. And he and I went first, he insisting we use the kayaks. Out on the lake, we discussed things. He discovered my love for longboarding and said we're going to go soon. I cannot wait! After heading to shore, we ate some lunch. Yes, the boys had packed a picnic. Ham and cheese sandwiches! Mmmm. I actually like those. And Oreos are always a must!
I'm rather impressed by this young man. He had been promising me a date for months now and finally, after enough razzing, he took me out. It was absolutely the most pleasant date I have been on. He even made sure I got home early enough to make it to work on time. What a gentleman! Thank you, Kyle, for a marvelous date! And now, we must longboard :)

Date 2 (the spontaneous one):
Began with a jam session. It had been a long time since we had jammed last. Again, he amazed me with his incredible talent. He played and I sat and listened. He taught me how to improvise better. He showed me how to increase my ability with perfect pitch. He quizzed me to see how close I could get. I only missed one and even got F#! After jamming, we got in his truck. By this time, it was 10:00 at night, maybe a little too late to begin a date, but whatever :) We headed to Wendy's for frosties and fries. After purchasing our wonderful meal, we drove to the AF cemetery (of all places!) and parked to enjoy. We talked. We talked about everything. There was never a dull or silent moment. We laughed. We got serious. After about 15 minutes, he drove me to his house and escorted me (yes, escorted!) to my car. We talked for a few more minutes, and then I left.
Thank you, Matt, for making our evening a spontaneous date. Thanks for jamming with me and being my inspiration in piano. I am so excited I got to go on at least one date before you leave on your mission next week, and I'm so excited for you to go out! You'll be a fantastic missionary. Thank you for everything you have been to me--an inspiration and a great friend.

Wow, who ever thought to score two dates in one day? I feel very blessed and honored to have spent my day with such wonderful boys! Here's to plenty more dates this summer :)

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