I was born in the wrong decade.

Oh how I love vintage! Or another old for that matter. It just intrigues me how people used to live, what they used to use, and what was 'normal' to them.
I love looking back at old photographs that my grandma has given to us and seeing how my father and his family used to life. Life was very primitive back then, and sometimes I wish it was the same now.
There's too much hustle and bustle around, too many chain stores, too many different cars, too many choices. What happened to having one or two department stores, a few car brands, one or two fast food chains, or the classic Coca-Cola?
What happened to drive-in movies?
That's where the fun is. That's where memories were made.

So this post is dedicated to everything vintage. Decades 1920 through 1960 specifically. Classy. That's what they were.

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