It's only Tuesday.

It feels like it should be the weekend, people!
I'm so bored.
Yesterday at work, it was slow. So I decided I would reward myself for finishing all my work. I confirmed all of the appointments for Wednesday through Friday (that's like 60 plus people, guys. I called them ALL.) And then I took notes on the clinic's notes I was working on. Makes sense, right?
I was making pretty good time... and it was only halfway through my shift when I finished my work. I told myself that as soon as I finished it all, I would reward myself with a Fat Boy ice cream popsicle covered in chocolate and nuts (MMM). I asked if anyone else wanted one and went to grab 3 delicious popsicles.
I opened the freezer and saw the box was still in there. WOOT!
I grabbed it.
Looked inside.
And it was EMPTY.
Emtpy, yo.

My dreams were shattered.
Distraught, I shared the news with my coworkers (all girls).
We decided it was Leonn's fault.
So I went across the hall and questioned all the guys.
Innocent faces showed up on all of them.

But we know who it was.
And we're getting back at him.

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