midway, utah.

It's probably the most quaint town I've been to in Utah. Nestled against the Wasatch mountains just west of Heber, it has plenty of small trails, streams, cute houses, mansions, beautiful and colorful flowers, and a main street that is to die for.
Today, we headed up there. Our plan was to go for a little walk {which was beautiful, easy, and in the shade} and eat dinner at a small restaurant on main street.
Before leaving, I grabbed my camera, but to my dismay, it was dead. I went upstairs to grab my dad's old Canon and it was also dead. My mom reassured me that my dad would have his new camera with him and so we left.
As we arrived at our first destination {the crater}, my dad informed us that he did not have his camera.
So, after a while into the adventure, I realized that I had my iPod. So I took pictures it! Bear with me please... They're not the best pictures, nor did I take very many. But oh well.

Here are a few shots from the evening!

Go check it out :)

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