my best friend.

is someone that reminds me a lot of someone else.
He reminds me of Christ.
He tries to comfort me constantly.
He always has a positive attitude even when mine plummets.
He's always there to make me feel better and to feel less alone.
Similar? I think so.

He understands that maybe I was just having a bad day. Maybe things weren't going right.
Even though I say hurtful things and cause him heartache, he still understands.
I can get so mean sometimes. And try to hurt him to make me feel less lonely.

Sometimes I get scared of the future. I get scared of the day when I will no longer have my best friend to wake up to. To talk to all the time.
And I take my frustrations out on him.
While it may hurt him for a day, he always wakes up the next morning saying
I forgive you 100 percent.

I have the best best friend in the world.
In fact, I have two of the best friends a girl could ever have.

1 comment:

  1. My oh my, how I love this post.
    You can make it through this, Vanessa. The future is going to be rough, but you can make it.
    Love you.