4-0. yeah you heard me.

Today, BYU Women's soccer CRUSHED the University of Utah.
We scored 4 points.
And one of their players got a red card.
All in all?
A pretty awesome game if you ask me!

To top it off, the gang (consisting of Ben, Jenny, Trevor and Jason) headed over to the creamery for some laughs:
Ben's pick-up face. Which is obviously the next best thing to pick up lines.
"HE'S GONNA DRIVE AWAY! NOOOOO!!" Then realizing the door was unlocked.
Checking out the new Heritage Halls apartments and watching Robot Chicken and then finding out that the boys read my blog. (wth?)
And much more.

I've also decided on something.
No matter HOW hard it is going to be to watch my best friend leave me behind to serve his mission, I've got something incredible to do and keep my mind off his absence.
I've got Brigham Young University. And everything it has to offer.
While it may be the absolute hardest thing I've ever done in my life (and it won't help that he'll be less than a 10 minute walk away from campus for the first two months...dang you MTC), I know I have something to look forward to that will keep me entertained, busy, and uplifted.

Today was absolutely crazy. Not to mention barely making it in time to get my student ID before the place closed at 6 so I could then get my all-sport and guest passes so we could make the game at 7.
The end result?


And it doesn't get any better than that.


  1. the music on your blog makes me happy. Yep that's all I had to say :D