I conquered a mountain.

Well, almost.

I guess if you hike Timp in the dark you're bound to lose the trail if it's covered in snow.
Ha. We did!

I was rather upset we didn't make it to the top because that was my goal all along.
I pouted about an hour after we decided to leave.
I mean we saw the sunrise and all (and witnessed an engagement... so cool!) but I wanted to summit. I had never done it before. And I wanted to see the other side.
On the way down we noticed where we had gone astray and it would have been so simple to take that trail for another 10 minutes and make it to Emerald Lake. But it was 6:00 AM and everyone was too tired and wimpy to continue.
So we headed down.
I calmed down after awhile and enjoyed the rest of the hike.
Because I did, in fact, make it to the top of A mountain... just not Timp ;)

For those of you who want to hike Timp: Go at night! We started at 1:15 AM but it would be better to start at midnight because you would have enough time to actually make it to the top to see the sunrise.

It seriously was the most fun I've had in a while :)

*Pictures coming soon! Once I find my camera cord...*

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  1. i just found your blog. i am maybe obsessed. it's normal.

    you're lovely.