College is kind of a big deal.
I came home today and crashed, with no real intentions of doing much homework.
Hey, no one gets good grades in college anyways, right?
So why try?

Not such a great mindset if you ask me. But I'll deal.

This week has been extremely emotional for me.
I cry every single day.
And usually cry on the walk to the bus stop, during the 1 hour bus ride, and the 20 minute walk to my first class. Luckily the ride at home is a lot more dry. But I cry all the time it seems.

I cry because I don't feel ready to be at college.
I don't feel ready to be left alone with out a best friend and needing to face those dreadful 2 years without him by my side (granted he doesn't leave for 2 months. but still).
I don't know anyone in my classes at BYU. There's just too many people and not enough chances to see those I do know.
I feel completely wasted by the time I get home from school that my emotions are awry anyways.
I feel like I'm rambling. I guess that's what 3 hours of reading will do to you.
But chocolate ice cream was a good reward for finishing.


*I hate this time of the month*

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