I just thought of something remotely interesting I could blog about!

So, with this whole "living at home" and "little brother wanting the desk I use" business, I decided it was time to venture out and find a new desk.
So I did!

I took my mother and my dear friend to Ikea (pronounced EE-kay-ya) and we searched out a desk. There were many great ones but I didn't have a lot of money to spend.
So we found this one!
Ikea is so great when it comes to cheap yet awesome furniture.

And yes, I bought it with my OWN money.
I'm feeling more like a grown-up every day.

Don't you love how busy I look?

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  1. Your desk looks great! I also love Ikea... and until you mentioned that I never knew it was properly pronounced 'EE-kay-ya'. I hate saying things wrong!