only at BYU.

I swear something like this only happens in Provo (or close to it, for that matter).

Riding down on the bus two weeks ago, I was sitting by myself in the back. There were two young men sitting a few seats away from me and one of them was talking loudly. He turned to me and said that he was sorry if he was being obnoxious (I couldn't even hear his conversation...) and said I could tell him to shut up if I wanted.

Why would I do that?

Anyways. A few moments later, he leaves the other guy alone. And then a few moments after that, the other guy comes and sits next to me. His name was Jared. I found out that he is the second oldest, returned from his mission to England in July, and is going to BYU.

Coincidence? Nah. Not at BYU.

Conveniently, he wanted to get off at the same stop I did. So we talked all the way down and got off together. We met up with my mom and he showed me how to get to campus.

After getting there, he asks me for my number.

Yep. My number.

Of course I gave it to him! And I didn't really expect anything to happen because of it.

Ha. Two weeks later, a text arrives.

Only at BYU, I tell you.

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