didn't I tell you?

Remember Jared? Yeah, we met up and he bought me a Jamba Juice. yadayadayada
You've heard that one.

But now there's a new kid in town.

His name is Jordan.

What's with all the J names??
Hey, his middle name is James so that means something, right?

Anywho, moving on.
Sunday, I went to church. I came home and immediately dropped my skirt and put on my most comfortable sweats. It was not an hour later when the doorbell rings. No big deal, right? People always come over on a Sunday.
My dad walks down the stairs:
"Vanessa, Jordan's here for you."
Me (thinking what the heck?): "Dad, I don't know a Jordan..."
Dad: "Blonde hair, blue eyes...?"
Me: "Nope."
Dad: "Well come up anyways!"

I trudge upstairs in totally mismatched clothes to see a stranger standing in my doorway.

Jordan: "Hi Vanessa, my name is Jordan."
Tell me something I don't know.

Long story short, he asked me on a date.
I've never met him before in my life. Granted, I've seen him at church (he's in my singles ward) but I didn't even know his name.

And now I'm going on a date with him.

The stories keep getting better and better...
Stay tuned! I'm pretty sure I'll have something more exciting next week.

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