Yesterday, he got his suits. A few days ago he went through the temple.
Reality is hitting me. I'm losing my best friend for 2 whole years.
2 freaking years! That's such a long time.
We've been together for 2 years. We have two weeks left together. And then the next 2 years of our relationship will be spent apart.
I cannot tell you how scared I am.
But I came to a realization the other day... And it was a rather smack in the face.

For the longest time I had been complaining that he was leaving and I kept telling him I didn't want him to go and leave me behind.
I didn't want to support something that was going to separate us.
And I still don't. But I need to.
And for some reason, it's getting easier.

I mean, come on. LOOK AT HIM! Granted, he's making a silly face, but oh my gosh he's so attractive to me.
As soon as I saw this I burst out into tears because I was so proud of him and so excited for him to serve. I know he's excited beyond belief and I need to try to support him even though it's hard.
Seeing this picture made me sad, but also brought great comfort to me.
He's going to be serving the Lord.
The Lord will protect him in every aspect.
He will grow so much (and I'm hoping I can grow enough that he wants me when he gets back...) and have the greatest experiences that he won't receive anywhere else.
I'm happy for him.
Even though it's hard for me to say that, I need to.

He is my best friend. And I need to treat him like that.
I need to support him no matter what.
No matter how hard it will be for me and how much I will have to bite my tongue.
He loves me. And I love him.

And think about it: He serves the Lord for two years and then when he gets back, I get him for eternity. Eternity, people.

{if all works out like I would like it to. fingers crossed!!}

I love him.

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  1. i love this!!!!!! so much!! i still have some of the same fears as you, but it gets so much better :)