ups and downs.

Just 7 hours ago I was hysterical, crying in his shoulder.
I don't say much at dinner anymore and left the table about to burst into tears when my mom asked me to dust (I mean come on, dust?? Kinda ridiculous)
I started on homework trying not to think about things.
I got distracted (don't we all?) and got on facebook.

I saw that Elder Kyle Clements had posted a new letter.
I read it.
I read the previous one.
And the previous one.
etc. etc.
And then looked at his mission pictures.

Oh man did I get excited for my Elder to get out there!!
Now I'm as happy as can be.

What the heck???

Roller coasters make me exhausted.


  1. I wish you much luck and happiness!

  2. p.s. my new blog is. (my other one was old) http://www.shinethelight21.blogspot.com