So in American Heritage (the infamous death of a class at BYU), we are working on our final paper. A few weeks ago we had turned in an outline and were getting feedback from peers in our class. I was unsure about my topic, and as classmates reviewed and critiqued it, I realized it was way too broad of a subject and I didn't even know where I wanted to go with it.

Today, in class, a kid in front of me told me and a few other girls he was going to write on the public school system.


Last year, in AP language, we were assigned a research paper. It was death. But I ended up really liking it and got a great grade on it.
Hearing that kid say what he was writing on gave me the idea to use that research paper for this class! Why did it inspire me to use it, do you ask?
Well, I wrote on merit pay for public school teachers. "Public school system" just sparked that memory.
Epiphany if you ask me!!

Now, my research paper was 11 pages long. This one has a 900 word limit. Psh. I've already got the work done, now it's just condensing it.
Oh man.
I can't tell you how excited I am for this paper now.
It's going to be cake.

{disclaimer: I know this isn't totally morally and ethically correct... but I really could care less! I'm actually going to change quite a bit of it to make it fit the criteria, but it's nice to already have the work done. So don't judge. Too harshly, that is.}


  1. I do that all the time. Great plan. Why redo work you have already done?

  2. hey! thats the whole reason you saved all your work from high school right?? i do this all the time haha