weekly gratitude.

It's been awhile! But here it goes:

{1} My bishop. The Atonement. The Gospel. It's true, folks!
{2} My musical talent. I accompanied for 2 ward choir practices, played the organ in my singles ward, and the piano in relief society! BAM baby!
{3} My best friend. And letters. And his example. He's the best.
{4} My mom's delicious food! Mmmm Sunday dinners.
{5} Mr. Weyand's AP Language class. And the 11 page research paper I wrote for it. Ha.
{6} Good friends that know how to listen.
{7} Money! For gas and BYU bookstore attire. Gotta love BYU sweats :)
{8} The MTC. For taking good care of my man.
{9} My neighbor who I just found out today (as I was helping her in nursery... haha that's what I get for going back to visit my home ward!) that she waited for her husband on his mission! Even though she's married and has 5 kids, I can go over whenever to talk to her!
{10} My family. I love living at home.

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