and so it ends

The first semester of "higher education,"
the first time not going to school at dear old AF High
making memories with the incredible friends whom I love and miss so much.
And so ends the first time being in classes with over 100, and occasionally 600, people.
The first semester where grades didn't matter to me so much
where I learned what it was like not to always do well
and I got my first C.
And so ends the semester of way too many tears
prayers of despair and loneliness
and facades to hide the hurt I was feeling.
So ends the semester of losing my best friend
to the Lord
but still feeling hurt and sadness.

And here's to the beginning of a new semester.

One in which I will try even harder to do my best.
One where I'll study more because I actually know what I'm doing
because I've done it before.
And so begins a semester for which I'll enjoy being on campus because my best friend will no longer be a 5 minute walk away yet there is a bajillion feet high brick wall separating us.
A semester where we'll both be living the lives we're supposed to live yet remaining best friends.
And so begins a semester of living in a new home away from home.
Where I'll be on my own.
Living the life of a college student.
Living like a real adult.
Buying my own food.
Going to bed whenever I want.
Doing whatever I please whenever I please.

And best of all?

Writing my own, new story.


  1. i know i say this all the time...but i really do love this post

  2. aw cute :D

    vanessa is great :D

    and we're both starting a new semester life's story ;)