presents, presents, presents

Disclaimer. This post is long. And cheesy. But if you're one of those who is interested in my life, please read. There are pictures! You won't be disappointed :)

I cannot even TELL you how happy I am right now!
So I took my first final today... the one I was most worried about. I was a little down until I came home and saw a surprise on my spot at the table...
Guess what it was?

A LETTER. But not any ordinary letter. It was thicker than before and I was rather surprised that I would even get anything on a Monday since he writes on p-days and I get them by Thursday. BUT. It was something that I did not ever expect to come. It was a birthday present! To me! Yes, you heard right. And I know, it may sound cheesy, but it was the best. And it wasn't even that much. But... he sent me 6 pictures!!! YES! 6! I cannot even tell you how happy that made me. I cried out of sheer joy and love while looking through them. He looks sooo good! And then he wrote me 8 little notes, kind of a timeline of our relationship. Starting from when he first started crushing on me. THE cutest thing ever. It brightened my day like you wouldn't believe.

Okay, enough of the mushy stuff.

So as many of you know, I'm putting together a 12 days of Christmas package for him. And I was waiting on one last thing... something that I ordered. It wasn't supposed to come until tomorrow and I was getting worried it would get to him too late. BUT. Lo and behold, the delivery man showed up tonight! And because of this, I scrambled to put everything together so I could mail it to him tomorrow.

I spoil the kid! So much! But I love every minute of it :)

Here's the package! And details to explain it:

So this is the loot! All waiting to be wrapped... I'll tell you what they are next! Refer to this picture to know what the things actually look like.

Now they're wrapped! Here they are:
1. Twirl-A-Tie. It's a circular tie holder that he can hang up in his closet! This was the thing I ordered. It was only 4 bucks! And got here tonight! Made my night :)
2. My mom's cinnamon n' sugar roasted almonds. They are to die for. And she found this cute tag on pinterest that says "reindeer poop" so we put that on them!
3. A rice bag. It'll keep him warm! And help any aches and pains and sick stomachs that he may have while away. My mom took the reigns on making this because she's the only one that can successfully navigate our dying sewing machine.
4. A bag of dried apples. I made those with my mom the day he left! So they're made with extra love :)
5. A mini missionary handbook. It has all their main rules and it's in a cool white case. It also has a place where he can put all his contact information in case something happens to him.
6. A tin of my mom's famous German cookies! There are German sugar cookies in the bottom and then almond cookies on top (you can see those in the above picture).
7. A Belgium flag tie pin! I couldn't find one of the Netherlands flag, so this was the best I could do.
8. Swedish fish!
9. Another tie pin. This one is a circular one that says his mission--Belgium Brussels Netherlands Mission with the Angel Moroni in the middle. It's about the size of a dime but cost me much more than that!
10. Flavor blasted goldfish. Yes. These things are our tradition :) He would ALWAYS bring a bag to me whenever I was sick or upset. The best thing ever. Some serious comfort food right there.
11. A wicked cool tie. I seriously love the colors!
12. And finally... a photo frame with a ton of printables. Some are from pinterest but a lot of them I made myself from quotes I thought would help him. I really like this picture and hope it's a good one to finish off the 12 days of Christmas with!
I also stuck little stickers that say "I love you" or "cutie" or "I adore you" on the outside of a few packages :)

Me and my partner in crime. But I can't forget my mom (who was in bed at this point) because she wrapped all the presents! Dexter, my little brother, chose all the number stickers and put them on each package.

D and our handiwork!

Directions and a little note :)

The finished product! I am so excited for it that I almost don't want to send it. I just wanna keep staring at it... I hope he likes it as much as I do :)


  1. Awe that is too cute! I love the package! Very sweet of you!

  2. Cute. I want to eat the goodies you put in there really bad...

  3. What a cute idea! Love it :) and he'll love it even more!