happy christmas

Christmas Steve was spent at my aunt's house in Logan. We had a delicious dinner, watched plenty of shows on their 3D tv, and ate a delicious dinner.
Christmas Eve was pretty chill. We just hung around and also had another delicious dinner. Chicken with cheesy potatoes and salad and bread.
Christmas Day was Sunday so we unwrapped quickly, ate breakfast quickly, and headed to church at 10. Then came back and hung out, playing with our new toys. Christmas Day dinner consisted of Rouladen, potato dumplings, spaetzle, German cucumber salad, red cabbage, and sparkling cider. Delicious!

Things I got: 2 pairs of jeans, like 7 shirts/sweaters, Star Wars glasses, Captain America, Star Wars piano book, a picture of my cute missionary, kitchen supplies, jewelry, a printer!, printer paper, and anything else you can see in the picture below. It was a great Christmas! And think about it... one down, one to go!

Some of these photos are from my iphone, some are from my camera so the quality will differ. Enjoy!

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