kortrijk, belgium

Even though his flight from London to Amsterdam was cancelled due to fog, he made it to his destination safely! I am so happy that he made it there in one piece. He's probably dead tired after 24 hours of travel, but I know they'll put him to work quickly and he'll adjust.

He is so incredibly excited to get to work. He is a dedicated young man that will do everything he is asked with strict obedience. I am so proud of what he has accomplished so far! And I can't wait to see what he will do on his mission.

But I'm FREAKING out. I mean, my best friend is halfway across the world. Living in a different country... on a different continent. I can't help but fry my brain thinking about "what's he doing now?" "what's he saying?" "is he okay?" "how was his first day knocking on doors?" "who is he talking to and associating with?" How do I know he still exists with all these questions in my mind? I guess this will have to do for now:

I love you Elder Stoddard!

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  1. i FREAKED the day i found out adam was actually in lithuania, im pretty sure i blogged about it to back in may or june haha but yeah...it was weird to imagine him in a weird foreign country haha