Happy birthday, Aubrey!

Remember those cute girls that insisted I be their friend after that one time snowshoeing? And then they invited me over for Sunday dinners and to the midnight showing of Hunger Games? Yes, they're wonderful. And today happened to be Aubrey's birthday! (in the middle). She's such a cute girl. So kind to everyone and always happy. I'm so glad I got to help celebrate! Even if I'm still getting to know these guys.

We started off the night getting dinner at Applebee's! Delicious, for sure. We had planned on going to Divine Comedy, but it started at 8 instead of 7 like we thought. So we just headed back to Aubrey's apartment and had cheesecake and chocolate cake, took pictures, played with streamers, and started watching She's the Man. It was such a fun evening! With great company, too. I'm glad to know such kind people!

Happy birthday, Aubrey!

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  1. Ah you are so sweet Vanessa! I'm so glad that we met you that night snow shoeing. You are such an incredible person! And we really need to hang out more than we do!!