the missionary, Mondays, + the Book of Mormon

I'll spare you the details by just telling you that this last week was HARD. Plain and simple. It was probably the hardest week I'd gone through since my sweetheart left. Maybe it was because Ben left? Maybe it was because I was over-stressed? Missing home? Missing my friends and the memories? Overwhelmed with the whole "I have 20 more months left of this... Crap." Either way, I cried a whole lot. But moving on. That's enough details. Just remember that I had a hard week.

I sent my sweetheart a quick and short email Sunday night just expressing my feelings. I wanted him to know right away instead of waiting for 2 weeks to find out I was having a hard time. That's the worst, honestly, not having immediate contact. I just wanted him to know.
So I sent him an email.

His reply a mere 5 hours later (3 AM my time) was incredible. It was happy. So happy. It was uplifting. It was loving. But most of all, it was centered around Christ and the Gospel.

One thing he said was: "Remember this: If you ever are struggling, turn to the scriptures. I promise that they will make things better. You'll find happiness through them. Try just opening up and reading a chapter next time you start crying. Remember that faith can give you hope, happiness, love, and can replace any fear or sadness you are feeling. He loves you. I love you."

Isn't this kid just incredible? He has the light of Christ with him, that's for sure. And although my despairs didn't totally dissipate, they were much made lighter and I ended up having a pretty good day, despite the rough and lonely weekend. After coming home, I opened up the windows to let the beautiful sunshine in, put some sweats on, and grabbed my Book of Mormon to read the assignment for the next day, 3 Nephi 13-14. As I was reading, two scriptures stood out. More like screamed at me that the Lord is there, watching out for me. A tender mercy, for sure.

3 Nephi 13:20-21: "But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

Now for you to understand why this is a tender mercy, you must know this: From day 1 of his mission, he has called me his Schatje. Dutch for "little treasure." Get it now?

Man, the Lord is watching out for me.

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  1. I'm so glad I've come across someone else from November 2nd!! Great day huh! haha. I feel like time is flying. You're too sweet, I came across your blog on one of those "waiting for a missionary" fb groups. What can I say? I'm huge at blog stalking. OCCASIONALLY I go to Utah, but I stay away from Provo area haha! Anytime I'm in Salt Lake we should meet up! Are you going to BYU?
    oh, and stay strong!:)